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Services for all your in-home and small business technology needs.

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The Internet and computers can be hard to understand and frustrating when they don't work.
Whether you need help in the home, office, or even the home office we are here to assist.

Home Connectivity

Help with cabling, configuring Wi-Fi, Smart Home setup, and more.

Virus Protection

Virus scanning, cleaning, and protection.

PC Maintenance

Cleanup slow PCs, file backups or replacing bad parts.

Office Networks

Installation, configuration and maintaining office connectivity.


Analysis and consulting on future growth needs and projects.

Cloud Solutions

Help connecting your business with a wide range of cloud services.

People Focused Business

At Zero Limit people are at the heart of what we do


We firmly believe that trust is the foundation for any relationship. The core of our business practice is honesty.


Knowing our customers and their needs is the key to our approach of personal attention and service.


We maintain fair and affordable rates to ensure you are both satisfied with the service and able to save money.

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"Josh is as honest as they come and will always be my first call when I’m in need of any technical help. Over the years, he has always been attentive to our needs and has always been able to get the job done."
Healthcare Industry

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